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① Integrated Bluetooth for Monitoring

Built-in Bluetooth and the convenient bluetooth app make monitoring battery health and

performance both Android and IOS

② Integrated with heating function, charge in low temperature

Start heating when temperature is <0℃,Recover charging when temperature is up to 5℃-10℃

③ Smart built-in BMS

With battery voltage, current, temperature and health management,

Temperature warning and protection, 1 sensors for battery pack and 1 sensor for BMS,Automatic

sleep mode and operating mode, low consumption

④ Warranty – 5Years

⑤ Flexible – Works in 12v,24v  configurations

⑥ Service life – Cycle life >4000 times, 0.5C 80% DOD | Design life >15years

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More and more people are leaving in the cold season to discover the regions around us. We think that a smaller battery, in a group 4D format, and weighing only 45 pounds could satisfy your needs!

This LifePO4 200AH battery features an internal self-heating system and an even more advanced BMS that will never again make you fear cold winters. Accompanied by the Relibatt application and the Bluetooth function, you will be able to follow the evolution of the internal temperature of the battery in addition to having access to a multitude of additional information.

When connected to an energy source, our SELF HEATING function will first use the energy to create an internal heat of 11 degrees and then start charging. The heating pad surrounds the cells, the internal temperature goes from -20 to 5 degrees in 2-3 hours.

Whether you are a winter camping enthusiast or a self-sufficient boat or cottage owner, the BL SERIES – SELF HEATING/BLUETOOTH has been designed to meet all your needs!

Built-in Bluetooth and the convenient bluetooth app make monitoring battery health and performance easy.

Charge information:

Recommended Charge Current :50 A

Maximum Continuous Charge Current:100 A

Recommended Charge Voltage    14.4-14.6 V

Discharge information

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current:100 A

Size: 482x170x240mm (18.9×6.7×9.44inch)


1 X Relibatt 12V 200AH Battery – Self-heating-Bluetooth


Some Tips before using Relibatt Battery Relibatt RE12-100BL Specification

Relibatt RE12-100BL Specification

Self Heating Time Testing Report-Relibatt English Version

Bluetooth App Manual

Android Bluetooth Software App Download